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Monday, January 13, 2020

Writing E-Pad for Kids

E-Pad for Kids

Writing E-Pad for Kids: - Writing E-Pad for Kids is a unique product for kids, this product is very good and Kids loved it the moment kids saw and started using it. this the new and interesting product for kids, so after seeing the product kids show the interest in writing, and this product help for rough work for kids and adult-like; Writing, list-making, memos, reminders, play games like zero and crosses, rough writing, sums, writing the alphabet, and drawing also. This writing pad has one color in writing with the best in the class quality LCD display. This product is good for health, also due to this product, you all save the trees indirectly. If we are all use paper so overall we harm our nature, as we know, after cutting off 17 trees from jungle then make of one ton of paper. So use this product and save the trees and our children's health.

Name of the product:-E Pad LCD Writing Tablet with Selective Erasure Function.

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Main highlights of the product:-

  • Now, this is Advanced Technology -- adopting the newest LCD pressure-sensitive technology, this version of the screen has been widely praised. It's a simple alternative to pen and paper. You can use Attached pen with this product or other not useable plastic pens to write and draw, just like writing on the paper.
  • Lock and Erase Buttons -- The electronic tablet has a lock function. Some product is not supporting the pen slot so check the product before order it, Use the lock function to switch the Lock button to the right to avoid accidental erasure. Switching the "Lock" button to the left will enable a one-click "Erase" button.
  • This product is a big hit gadget – this product is suitable for all ages, from young to old also. A great idea for children to keep them busy at restaurants, anyone who enjoys drawing, as a memo board for the home to leave messages on, even a product to help those suffering from hearing loss. Also, a great tool for educators to help students learn maths sums and practice of writing. No need for scrap paper! The Screen Size of this Electronic writing tablet is6 to 10 inches as per your requirement and pocket allows. This cannot be connected with any device like; PC, Mobile, and Tab.
  • This E- pad is the Thoughtful combination -- keep the pen in the pen slot, some product is not supporting the pen slot so check the product before order it, Meanwhile the integrated magnets allow for easy mounting to compatible surfaces.
  • Package -- LCD writing tablet*1, writing stylus*1, magnet*2, package box*1.Special note: When using partial erasing, use the pen eraser to gently wipe as little as possible, so that you can wipe more quickly. Environmentally friendly and a money saver -- you don't need to waste money on papers, pencils or erasers anymore, one writing tablet can repeat 100, 000 times. The inside Battery can be used at least 6 months to 1 Year as per your use, which means super low energy consumption.

Specifications of the product:-

Technical Details
Lots of brand in the market for some link click here
Model Number
Lots of model number in the market for some link click here
Black, Blue, Pink, Green or many more in the market as per your demand
 (6 inches to 10-inch)
Tip Type
Front side Soft and backside like a pen
Minimum price is 180 Rs. or maximum price is 10999 Rs. as per feature are changes or built quality also change.
1.       With Selective Erasure Function
2.       With 2 Magnet
3.       Far away from pollution.
4.       Erase the full screen only by one erase button.
5.       Suitable for kids writing and drawing, a good choice to offer a study-friendly environment.

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